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Swami Indra ji - Famous Astrologer in India
Vashikaran Specialist Astrologer Pandit in Amritsar Punjab IndiaIndra ji has top 10 list of famous astrologer in India, best indian pandit for astrology problem solution, most specialist in vashikaran, black magic removal, love problems, Visa, Business, Children problem, gets love back hundreds of clients and numerologist, celebrity astrologist , palmist, gemologist & vastu consultant from amritsar, punjab india. Shastri ji is a well renowned name in Punjab and other states in India. He is an International famous personality, a very demanding & favorite name in bollywood & television world, a very high successfully celebrity Astrologer, Palmist, Numerologist, Vastu Shastra expert and specialist. He is having an experience of reading, interpreting and replying to more than thousands of horoscopes and remove hundred of black magic, vashikaran and get love back for lovers. He can carefully estimate your birth your birth chart and recommend solution for your every problems in simple way. The right remedy, which can be as simple as guidance, changes the course of events of your life. The right method to aid success whether in career, business, marriage, love, money etc.


He has received many awards and certificates in past so many years, among which recently he has been awarded by Former Chief Minister of Delhi Mrs. Sheila Dixit in April 2015 “SIGNIFICANT CONTRIBUTION IN JYOTISH STUDIES” & Awarded as “LEADING ASTROLOGER IN Punjab” in February 2014.

He predicts about various branches of Vedic astrology i.e. marriage, career, love, horary, horoscope matching, longevity, child birth, finance, education, progeny, Karma etc entirely based on accurate date time and place of birth and palmistry. He suggests very effective, practical and simple remedies which improves your destiny and your luck start favoring in a rapid speed. He believes in “Pooja and Vedic mantras” not any tantrik mantras. His motto is providing best astrological consultation with remedial measures throughout the world. Perfect and accurate prediction will always guide you to brighten your future through scientific and simple remedies. All the astrology reports and horoscopes are, accurate, appropriate, unique and innovative. Perfect Astrology tells us tendency, personality and probability so that can be aware of coming dangers. Diseases, situations and challenges.

He believes that perfect horoscope matching of Bride & Bridegroom is most necessary as it removes disappointment after marriage. Babies born at same time across the world would differ a lot from each others as their horoscope would differ due to longitude and latitudes.

With the blessing of god and his gurus he is having tremendous intuition power for accurate prediction he feels that prediction is some which is connected to god so without intuition power only by referring the books accurate prediction is impossible. Prediction needs 60% of intuition and 40% of wisdom. Intuition is something which comes from god’s worship and devotion wisdom is something which includes books as well as practical experience.

That means he has in-depth knowledge of all Astrology.
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About Astrology by World Famous Astrologer (Swami Indra ji)
Astrology is a word that comes from astro (stars) and logos (language). That's why it's often called the language of the stars.

Humans have always looked into the sky, and used the stars and planets, Sun and Moon, to track cycles of time. The Zodiac, or circle of animals, is a product of the human imagination. Many myths come from what different peoples see in the shapes of the constellations.

And yet, night sky watching had -- and has -- a practical angle for many cultures. The Zuni of New Mexico, for example, called the Pleiades constellation "seed stars." When this star cluster was no longer visible to them in the Spring, they knew it was time to get busy planting.

When the Pleiades returned in September, other cultures like the Celts, knew it heralded the time of nature's descent, with the Sun. Some cultures like the Mayans tracked very long cycles, and then there are the Ages in the East and West.

For some, astrology is a just a language used to describe the energies that make up the universe. For others, it's the observation of the planets and the patterns of energy they create at any given moment. Modern astrology emerged out of an ancient awareness that we're a microcosm of the universe. "As above, so below," as the saying goes.

Early cultures followed the movements closely, and lived by the seasons, observing the Sun's annual journey through the Zodiac. They saw that those born under the Sun signs had shared traits.

The other cosmic bodies were observed, with the same human curiosity, and search for meaning. This knowledge of cycles and patterns has been used to ponder fate, predict events and even chose a marriage partner. As the search for meaning in the patterns of stars and planets, a system of Astrology is found in every culture and tradition, with some having an unbroken lineage.

What do the movements of the planets have to do? Your birth (or natal) chart is the position of the planets at the moment of your birth. The psychologist Carl Jung wrote that "like vintage years of wine, we have the qualities of the year and of the season in which we are born." Your birth chart reveals built-in gifts and struggles for this lifetime, along with insights about your personality.

What are horoscopes based on? Most horoscopes are based on the Sun sign, which are the twelve signs of the Zodiac that most people are familiar with. The Sun sign is your basic nature and can be a great starting point for learning about Astrology. If you're curious, try observing people you know to see how whether or not their Sun sign qualities shine through.

Many astrologers come up with predictions based on your Sun sign and where other planets fall in your solar houses. The solar house is created with your Sun in the first house, and following the Zodiac around counter-clockwise around the wheel.

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